Phoenix caravan? (2023)

Who makes Phoenix caravans?

Our 'most awarded off road caravan' the Phoenix is the first caravan built at Sunland, still being manufactured at the same factory today.

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How much is a Bailey Phoenix caravan?

Order now for the 2023 season, prices start at £22,399.

The range is available in six different models, which sleep up to five people. They're the perfect first choice caravan for couples and families, designed to be an affordable option for first-time buyers - the top of the range Phoenix costs just £19,999.

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Who makes JB caravans?

Quality products for off-road durability

Victoria's JB Caravans, now in its eighth year, is one of Australia's leading caravan manufacturers, building rugged but luxurious off-road-capable caravans at its Campbellfield factory.

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What is the smallest Bailey caravan?

The Discovery D4-2 is Bailey's smallest caravan. A firm favourite in our 2 berth range, the D4-2 is 5.615m / 18′5″ long and 2.228m / 7′4″ wide. We've fitted it with a lounge/bedroom, fully functioning kitchen with plenty of workspaces and a washroom complete with toilet, shower and sink.

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Are new age caravans made in China?

NewGen is owned by Leisure Lion Pty Ltd, with Jack Green as its CEO, and the NewGen caravans are built in the same Chinese factory as the popular Snowy River caravans and camper trailers before being shipped to Melbourne.

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Is living in a caravan cheap?

It's cheaper than living in a house

Not only are caravans much cheaper to buy than traditional properties, but the cost of living is also cheaper.

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Are Bailey caravans good quality?

Bailey is a popular brand – at our Owner Satisfaction Awards, the brand won gold and silver medals, while they also enjoyed a successful Practical Caravan Awards. Here, the Bailey Grande Pegasus SE Ancona won the best caravan for families and the manufacturer was nominated for a further eight categories too.

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How good is a hobby caravan?

Hobby and Dethleffs are renowned for offering the high build quality and durability that you would expect from a German-built caravan. Both companies also offer striking modern designs that are very different from the majority of British-built vans, which are more traditionally-designed.

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What caravan brands are made in China?

  • Caravans Made in China & Overseas. Adria. Austrack Campers. Black Series Campers. Blue Tongue Campers. Bluewater Campers. Century Trailers. Eagle Campers. Eco-Tourer. Euro Caravans. EzyTrail Campers. Fantasy Caravan. ...
  • Manufacturers Directory of Chinese Made Caravans.
  • The Caravan Spreadsheet.
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  • Travel Planning Tools.
Jan 4, 2023

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What company makes caravan?

Dodge Grand Caravan and its shorter-wheelbase counterpart, Dodge Caravan, have a storied history among Dodge Brand models. Debuting in 1984, Dodge Caravan redefined the family van. Grand Caravan followed in 1987, and for more than three decades, these Dodge Brand minivans took countless families out on the open road.

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Are Jayco caravans made in China?

Jayco is a great success story of Australian manufacturing

The company is located at a 50-acre state of the art facility at 1 Jayco Drive, Dandenong South, Victoria, with a purpose-built 60,000sqm undercover manufacturing complex. This is where all Jayco RVs are made.

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Are fantasy caravans made in China?

Fantasy is an Australian company headed up by William He with a manufacturing base in China.

Phoenix caravan? (2023)
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